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       Identifying, Creating and Harnessing the True Power of a Woman

FACT 108: Education begins before birth...the womb of the woman is the first teacher...


The Power of a Woman (POAW) is a process of Em-Powering women of all ages, creeds and cultures, to be true VALUE and significant WORTH that God had originally created them to BE. In the analogy of a man being the house-maker and the woman being the person in charge of turning the house into a home, it is vitally necessary to have the woman being well equipped for such responsibility. Therefore, she must be equipped with the knowledge, standards, principles, etiquettes, virtues, vision, faith, hope, love, and the ability to synchronize the home into one unit that is comfortable and effective for all that abides within the home. Hence, we consider the man to be the house-maker and the woman the home-maker.

The Power of a Woman looks at this responsibility, as a home-maker, beyond the four walls of the home, and into the home of the Earth. The Earth is where humans and other God created creatures reside. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the man to build the house of the Earth and the responsibility of the woman to turn the Earth into a home that is comfortable and effective for all that abides within the Earth.

The POAW is ran by a group of individuals that are committed towards seeking, finding, and sharing information and resources that will aid towards bringing this process into a reality. In today's 21st century, the world is in need of such vision that rejuvenates the Hope, Character, Faith and Charisma of women. Therefore, the Power of a Woman events and endeavors are the process of Em-Powering women to be their God's given best, while staying in their lane of being comfortable with who they are as women of value and worth. Women all around the world are encouraged to join on board and help maintain the Vision of Em-Powering other Women who are so desperately in need of finding their true God given Value and Worth.

Stay connected with US and Help US to Help the women of the world to become Em-Powered and Respected.

                                    CLARITY & SEPARATION OF THE WORD EM-POWER

  • Em = Emergency
  • Power = Power, which is the ability to act or perform an effect.
  • Em-Power = to seek and locate the Emergency Power that will enable the ability to act or perform an effect…


                                                         VISION AND MISSION

  • Vision- To Em-Power Women all across the world with the values, standards, principles, Etiquettes, and the Know-Hows, to be at their full potential in today’s society. Therefore, they can be of substantial value to themselves, the treasure of the family, and the caretaker of the Earth, as God created them to BE.


  • Mission- to produce a process of different elements, avenues, sources, services, communications, educations, and products that validates the Power of a Woman, where she is able to capitalize on such elements to become Powerful. 


                                                     CATEGORIES OF INTEREST

  1. The Power of a Woman Workshop
  2.  The Power of being Medically Inclined
  3. The Power of being Politically Correct
  4. The Power of Health & Wellness
  5. The Power of Em-Power-ment
  6. The Power of Performance
  7. The Power of Financial Comfort
  8. The Power of Attire
  9. The Power of the Home
  10. The Power of Trends
  11. The Power of Being Educated
  12. The Power of Forgiveness
  13. The Power of Etiquette


                                                       UPCOMING EVENTS

Saturday, July 21st 2012

Cecil B. Moore Recreational Center

2551 N 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA


Saturday, August 25th 2012

C.H.A.P Museum and Community Resource Center

1529-39 Belfield Ave, Philadelphia, PA


Saturday, September 22nd 2012

Songhai City Cultural Center

3117 Master Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121



Saturday, October, ____ 2012





A Woman has two phases; one phase is a princess and the other phase is a Queen, in which she must mature into...  The Power of a Woman


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