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The Mountain of Miracles Study Guide


The Mountain of Miracles Study Guide for the Primary or Elementary level is an educationaltool that blends classroom skills and life skills. It can be used inreiterating some of the classroom pivotal learning essentials, such as antonym,synonym, title, main idea, alliteration, problem solving, comprehension,pattern, rhyming words, cause and effect, and the development of certain life’sskill such as faith, respect, moral, integrity, team work, diversity, and muchmore. It also encompasses the ability to extend the child’s thinking andrationalization with its open ended questions, vocabulary word searches, androle playing activities.

       0;      It is a dynamic educational tool that is alsofilled with facts of life, spelling attributes, sentence building, worddefinitions, and a FYI section of the terminologies associated with bookpublishing. It is quite the ideal educational tool that is designed tohelp bring out the best in any child, which helps to develop the child’sclassroom skills and their life’s character to a greater height and potential.


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