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The Mountain of Miracles CD-ROM


The Mountain of MiraclesCD-Rom is a Dynamic Interactive Book (DIB) that can beused  as a tool to edify the user’sability to learn. Its uniqueness offers several advantages over the regularpaperback or hardback books. The CD-Rom features the main element of anInspirational Story, which is in two folds; the EBook and the Audio Book. Italso features the theme Song, theme Poem and a Puzzle that fits right alongwith the theme. The EBook allows the user to sway through the faith-drivenstory page by page or jump from chapter to chapter. This element is especiallygreat for those who are avid readers or just regular readers who have theinterest to read. The Audio Book delivers the power to impact those that areunable to read, those that are at the beginners reading level or those that arephysically impaired and is not able to see the written words. While the Songand Poem empowers the listener within that same theme of inspiration, the 50words-and-definition Puzzle, intrigues the mind and provides a cognitivethinking activity for the brain.

The Mountain of MiraclesCD-Rom is a tool that is needed in the 21st century as its paperlessdigital abilities helps to reduce the eradicating of trees, which is in need tosustain our environment. It is also a dual tool needed for those who are teachnologically savvy or technologicallearners. 


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