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The CP of Black History

Posted by pmovements on February 16, 2012 at 8:10 PM

        While I prepared myself to do apresentation about The Mountain of Miracles to a small crowd on insightful people, a message pierced deeply in my spirit as if someone had poked my spiritand left it bleeding. When I took the time to visit the wound, this was what I saw dripping from the tears of blood that bled from my spirit, “WE CELEBRATEBLACK HISTORY but DON’T make BLACK HISTORY, anymore…” It was obvious that this was something that needed to be addressed during my presentation and that’s how I started my presentation and faded into how historic The Mountain of Miracles WILL become.

         Is it fair to say that black people don’t make black history anymore? Not really. But somewhere along the lines there was a reason for this statement to pierce me so harshly. After the presentation, I fully analyzed it and came up with the solution, CP. CP was and is the perfect fit. Some may automatically say that CP is the abbreviation for Colored People but that would be in reference to CPT, Colored People Time. Ironically, this is the TIME of year that Colored People is giving the opportunity to celebrate who they are and from whence they came. Hence, the C is for Celebration.Throughout the 28 days or 29 days of a Leap Year of the month of February, which 2012 is a leap year, most colored people in America and Canada celebrate this as Black History Month. While other people that are not of color help to acknowledge this month as Black History Month and some may even join in the celebration. Not to stray away from the article but for a factual purpose, the United Kingdom celebrates Black History Month in the month of October.

       So where were we? Yeah, the Celebration of Black History Month! Why do we celebrate Black History in the Month of February and not in October as the United Kingdom? One statement that I have predominantly heard was that they (not sure who they is) gave Colored People the shortest month to celebrate. Well, let us clear this myth up real quick. United Kingdom celebrates Black History Month in the month of October. According to the days that are in October, it coincides with other months of having one of the most days, which are 31. In order for us to figure out why do we celebrate Black History Month in the month of February, we have to go to the person who founded Black History.   

        According to the founder, historian Dr. Carter G.Woodson, Black History was first celebrated in the month of February because of two people who significantly influenced the lives and social conditions for African American. The first was former President Abraham Lincoln and the second was former slave Frederick Douglass, which brings up a very important aspect; Black History was first noticed as Negro History Week in1926, Black History Week in 1972 and then four years later it was changed to Black History Month in 1976. Therefore, the Celebration of Black History Month (Negro History Week) was based on the influence and social conditions for African American. This leads us into the next letter, P.

        To honor and acknowledge the lives of those who have influenced the African American is considered Celebration, the C. However, we are missing the social condition aspect of Black History, which is the P. The P represents Preparation. In order to see changes in social conditions we have to prepare our mind for such change. Therefore, Black History Month should not just be about Celebration but also Preparation.This means that people are preparing their mind to add to the significance of Black History Month, which was based on its original creation.  For instance, take a farmer who waiting forthis special season called harvest. Indeed the farmer will celebrate when that season arrives but he or she is also adding another component of this celebration, which is to start Preparing for the next Harvest Season. Therefore,the farmer is Celebrating for what he or she has gathered so far, but also making room to look forward to another harvest season.

       This is the same approach that needs to be addressed when it comes to Black History Month. People should not only Celebrate those who have influenced the African American but also Prepare the mind to make changes for the social conditions of African American, along with others. Take a test and see what results you come up with! Ask ten people of color if they Celebrate Black History Month and then ask those same ten people if they ever had the thought to be a person who is recognized as someone who made changes around social conditions for African Americans. The chances are really slim to none. However, this was not the case when the thirteen colonies needed to be developed into the 50 states.

         So how did we end up losing such important aspect of Black History Month? While it is hard to come up with the exact answer, as it has been unnoticeably lost for so long, we can say that a large aspect of it is in losing our self-confidence. How can we conclude such answer?  African Americans are the second largest consumers by purchasing power. Therefore, if you are purchasing (consuming), chances are you are not producing, which is the balance of consuming and producing. Have you ever heard of the saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too?” Well, if you are a consumer (cake) chances are you are not the producers (eating it). So without further continuation, we would like to propose the aspect of Preparation in the Celebration of Black History Month. This will also help the aspect forthose who strongly believe that Black History should not be just one month but 365 days of the Year. Let’s put it this way, let us use February as the month to Harvest for what we have Prepared for the other 11 months.  

        Here is a key component that we need to look at and take inconsideration. People who spend time in regrets and the past never have to sufficient time to move forward. Therefore, if all we do is celebrate the past, we will never move forward with creating the future. This leads us to another important factor, ASSET and LIABILITY. People who possess Assets leave behind a Legacy. People who are considered liability, leaves behind a Begacy. What is a Begacy? A person or set of people who begs for life progressing opportunities in order to advance in a position, rather than inheriting these same opportunities! So what can be done to help us build a Legacy? Look to those who have done it before…To help build our self-confidencethat we are capable of making changes in the social conditions for African American and others, we can look at these ten inventors who have made a social change for many.

1.       Charles Brooks

Developed a truck with brushes to clean debris from city street, the precursorto the modern street-sweeper.

2.       George Washington Carver

Created hundreds of products from the peanut and the sweet potato and developedmethods of helping farmers revitalize their soil and battle common pests. Also authored numerous papers on prevented plant diseases and funguses.

3.       Mark Dean

Created numerous devices for personal computer architecture and helped revolutionize the computer industry.

4.       Philip Downing

Created a street letter box for postal customers and later patented an electrical switch for railroads.

5.       Thomas Elkins

Created a refrigerated apparatus for keeping perishable foods as well as a chamber commode.

6.       Sarah Goode

The first Black woman to gain a patent for her Folding Cabinet Bed.

7.       Thomas Jennings

The first Black person to be granted a patent for his "dry-cleaning" process.

8.       Garrett Morgan

A prolific inventor, he is renowned for his creations, including a hair-straightener, the gas mask and the automatic traffic signal. Considered by many to be one of the most impactful inventors of all time.

9.       Madam C. J. Walker

Created and marketed Black Hair Care products and became so successful that she was the first Black female millionaire. Created jobs for more than 1,000 women and was a mentor to entrepreneurs around the world.

10.   Jack Johnson

The first Black Heavyweight boxing champion, he created a wrench for automotivemaintenance.

For more inventors of African Americans you canvisit www.blackinventor.com/


      This article was made available for the purpose of an Educational Source, which is in accordance with FACT 101: Education makes your life easier. By providing this article we hope we have made your life a little easier. Only those who are well educated would have the opportunity to leave a Legacy behind. We mean by well-educated as in you know the ins-and-outs of the legacy that you will leave behind. No one can leave a legacy behind without having the education of that Legacy. Hence,education not only makes your life easier but also the life of others that are acquainted to your purpose.  WE CELEBRATEBLACK HISTORY but DON’T make BLACK HISTORY, anymore… Let us make the Legacy of Dr. Carter G. Wooodson proud. Let us begin to Prepare our mindset to make History not just Celebrate history... 

Source of History and facts: provided by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_History_Month



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