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Quotes I AM truly inspired by this work. This is a treasure that speaks to every style of learning. Our children need our commitment to the future! The MOUNTAIN of MIRACLES is a divinely delivered blessing to us all. The powerful, giant yet gentle spirit of Mr. Cleous Young can be felt in his work and presentations. See for yourself... I have shared your material with quite a few friends, family, organizations and partners. They are definitely interested. Thanks for showing up in divine time! Smile Quotes
Shambra Johnson
Concerned Mother

Quotes The Story is about the Mountain of Miracles and it taught me to be kind, helpful and loving to even people you don?t know. The story also taught me that if somebody doesn?t know about God then you should teach him or her about God so they too can have an understanding. It also taught me to observe people before you can say good or bad about them. Also, that no matter if you are rich or poor everyone should still love and support each other. It has helped me to have an understanding that I must be obedient in order for me to become a better person. Quotes
Blake Murray
4th Grade Student

Quotes I had the opportunity to review The Mountain of Miracles book on CD-ROM and what a delight it was. This is a must see edition. It will enlighten your horizons about your life dreams. It was exceptionally put together; I can tell that a lot of thoughts, efforts, time and love were put into this material. I fell in love with the song right away. The song depicts a true story of what we are facing in life today. But if you hold on to the horns of the altar, GOD will bring you through the thick and thin. The story is for all ages, groups and genders. What a delight! God Bless You Mr. Young. Keep up the good work. Quotes
Leona Hale
Minister and Founder of Healing Hands Ministries

Quotes As a big supporter of the Mountain of Miracles, I currently acquired the paperback book as soon as it was made available to the public, which also included a study guide that has exceeded all my expectations. For any parent that?s looking for an inspirational book about overcoming hardships this is the book to read. The book is packaged with the study guide that teaches our children life skills and educational skills that will truly change their lives in a positive way. Please take the time to buy this new educational package for it will truly help to plant the seeds of inspiration and the value of education within in the youth of our community Quotes
Jonathon Tangara.... Father of 4 (ages 2, 4, 5 and 8)
Captain in the United States Army