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  • "I AM truly inspired by this work. This is a treasure that speaks to every style of learning. Our children need our commitment to the future! The MOUNTAIN of MIRACLES is a divine..."
    Shambra Johnson
    Concerned Mother
  • "The Story is about the Mountain of Miracles and it taught me to be kind, helpful and loving to even people you don?t know. The story also taught me that if somebody doesn?t know..."
    Blake Murray
    4th Grade Student

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FACT 102: “If we continue to place our educational eggs into the one basket of the school…then we will continue to miss out on the greatness that can be hatched in the Community, Spiritual-House and the Golden nest of the Home.”   Cleous G. Young


The Mountain of Miracles –The Movement

---The ability to BeCome---

       In today’s times, which some may consider perilous, we are aiming to transform the deficit of doubt into the reward of I CAN. This way, we can move toward positive and inspirational empowerment in the minds of our children, so they can become what they desire or envision. The Mountain of Miracles is a progressive movement that focuses on educating, inspiring and revitalizing hope in our children.     

      This movement is an attempt to progressively move our generation from dreamers to believers and achievers. Too often our children dream to BeCome, but are overcome with the fear that they cannot achieve what they dream. The second reason why children do not accomplish their dreams is deeply rooted in their lack of self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, it is imperative that we encourage our children and arm them with the faith to believe, which in turn will strengthen their possibilities to achieve.

      Our focus will be on three significant areas: Education, Inspiration and Hope. These comprise the Mountain of Miracles Movement, also known as the EIH Movement. This movement aims to Educate our children so they can truly find the core of who they are; fill them with the Inspiration of truth so they can grow freely; and, last but not least, activate their ability to Hope and dream so they can envision a better tomorrow.